Free online stopwatch and countdown timer tool.

Online Stopwatch Timer

Online Stopwatch on your devices, will help you to manage better your time! Online Timer will help you to finish your job quickly.

Free Online Stopwatch and Online Timer tool. To measure time accurately, we need an Online Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, or Online Chronometer that we can record any activities. Most of stopwatches will measure time in seconds, milliseconds or minutes and even hours.

Our stopwatch that work in any type of web browsers:

Here is our new Online Stopwatch and Countdown Online Timer flash tool, witch can be used too:

Flash stopwatch timer given by is extremely simple to use, just click “COUNTDOWN TIMER” or “STOPWATCH” to start.

You can use also Full screen stopwatch timer

Embed flash stopwatch timer in your website or project/work.

<iframe width=”480″ height=”400″ src=””  frameborder=”0″></iframe>

If you have a time related website, sport or school website or any other webpage that must to have a stopwatch, than you cam insert below code in your desired place. Here is no cost and you are free to share this timing tool will all you want. can be used for educational purposes like lesson timing, or sport games, tests; or may be included in various school projects. You are bored? Is so many games that you can play with a stopwatch. Self improvement games, or a contest games with your online friends, on same chronometer site. Why Online Stopwatch? With online stopwatch you will can have always a precise stopwatch, anywhere you will find internet connection. You don’t need to worry about it. We are here for your needs. *This online stopwatch timer site is optimized not only for desktops or laptops but also for tablets (iPads) and smartphones (iPhones), and no need complex programs, it is operating in any web browser, loading the fastest than all other timing tools and is very easy to use. The flash online stopwatch and online timer works great on touchscreens or mobile phones, can be easily controlled due to large buttons and numbers.